Breaking Your Lease and Subletting




Litavis Tenant Alliance® and the Litavis® family of companies firmly believe in treating people with dignity and respect. For us, that means that in that everyone should have the freedom to move, travel, and go where they please, when they please!

We know that situations can arise where you might be called away for weeks, or even months, at a time. You may even have to move out permanently. That is why, in our continuing efforts to provide the best living experience possible for our tenants and subtenants, we make subletting and breaking your lease as easy as possible.




If you need (or want!) to leave for an extended period of time, no problem! You find a sublet (also known as a “subtenant”) to take your room and that’s it! You work out a deal between you and the subtenant and that’s between just you and them! Please remember though, you are still responsible for the condition of the room and apartment! So, please make sure you sublet to someone trustworthy and responsible! Also, remember to get the approval of your roommates first to make sure that your roommates and subtenant are compatible!


Breaking Your Lease:

Should you need to break your lease, then you are responsible for finding a replacement. If you have opted in to any of the early payment options such as paying the last month or last two months early then that money will be refunded to you along with your security deposit, assuming that everything is in order and in accordance with your lease or sublease agreement and that you have given at least 30-day's notice. That means that all items that aren’t yours are available for the next tenant or subtenant and left in as good, or better, than when you found it; and that the room is in “broom clean” condition.


That’s it! Quick, simple, and easy!




Happy Living!®