Litavis Tenant Alliance is a tenant-focused organization working hand-in-hand with tenants, subtenants, property owners, neighbors, and members of the community to make the best possible living experience for all involved as we come together to strengthen our communities.


We know that apartment life can sometimes be stressful because we’re tenants and subtenants too! Litavis Tenant Alliance is here to find your best roommate, apartment, or room. We believe that your apartment should be your home, not just a place to keep your stuff. We believe that your community should be filled with joy and that your neighbors are just friends that you may not have met yet.


We will work together with you to find a home in which you feel most comfortable. We’ll deal with all of the day-to-day so that you can spend more time focusing on you!


With Litavis Tenant Alliance, there’s less worrying and more living!


We’re glad to have you with us! Happy living!


More Great Services from the Litavis Family are Coming Soon!