Let's face it, life can be stressful. We all know that two of life's biggest stressors can be paying bills and maintaining a home. That's why we created Litavis Home Services. We'll take care of all your services, maintenance, and monthly payments so you can spend more time on you!



Healthy Home, Healthy Life:

A healthy home is one of the best ways to keep a healthy life. Worrying about cleaning your home on a budget is a thing of the past! Litavis Home Services will do it for you! We'll work around your schedule and have someone come as frequently or infrequently as you like.


Never run out of paper towels, toilet paper, soap, or supplies again! Whether you live alone or with roommates, rent or own, Litavis Home Services is the perfect solution to never having to think about if you have enough of the things that you need. No more extra trips to the store because you forgot the paper towels. No more roommates wondering who's turn it is to buy toilet paper. With Litavis Home Services, we take care of everything and all that you need will be shipped right to your door, with contactless delivery on a schedule that works for you!


Home Maintenance:


Maintaining a home or apartment can be costly and time consuming. Not anymore! Whether you own or rent, Litavis will always find the best person for the job. Just send us an email with a description of what needs to be done and leave the rest to us!



Keep Track of Your Bills:


We've all been there. We've worried about what bill is due when. How much is due? Do I have enough? With Litavis Home Services, you never have to worry about these things again! We're not just autopay or bill pay. We will work with you and your payees to make sure that we find a way for you to get the lowest price and extra time, should you need it.



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